Since 2013, I have been making artwork to explore the complex relationship between strength and vulnerability, as seen specifically through an eco-feminist lens. I began recording video of the Monterey Bay coastline in 2013 to incorporate into my painting practice; I hoped to steal some of the coastline’s power for myself. When I first began recording, I made a choice to identify with the vitality and mutable strength of the ocean, rather than the stoic inflexibility of the rocks. That moment of distinction has informed all of the work I’ve made since.

The direction of my artwork has always been pushed by a desire to convey this struggle: to embrace vulnerability as a vital and even heroic, human characteristic. I am fascinated by the relationship between strength and vulnerability. Throughout my life I have often found comfort within the vibratory spaces of supposed opposites.

Moreover, my recent work is a record of how I have contacted and internalized natural landscapes, such as the Monterey Bay Coast where I’ve lived for the past six years, for personal and artistic inspiration. The ultimate goal of my work is to express the innate connection between human strength and the vitality of our natural environment.